100% Biodegradable Clothing Label

Nov. 18, 2020

The US apparel retail label and sticker manufacturer established in 1990 recently launched an eco-friendly apparel label called Ecotach™ Biodegradable (hereinafter referred to as "bio-PP").

The Bio-PP label is made of a special polypropylene mixture. After being degraded by microorganisms, it will only produce carbon dioxide, water and other microorganisms, and will not produce microplastics, which will affect soil health. And bio-PP can be completely degraded in only 1 year. In contrast, a label made of ordinary polypropylene material takes 20-30 years to be completely degraded, and the degradation rate is affected by the soil environment.

“About 80 billion pieces of clothing are manufactured worldwide each year, and 90% of them will use plastic fixed price tags and product information labels. The main driving force for our innovation is that in the clothing market, brands, retailers and Consumers are paying more and more attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, and we will continue to develop more environmental labeling solutions in the future."

Customized product sticker label

In the post-epidemic era, new consumer demand is being formed, and the construction of a new consumption structure is accelerating. People are paying more and more attention to maintaining a healthy and strong body, and to the safety, comfort and environmental sustainability of the clothing itself. The epidemic has made people more aware of human fragility, and more and more consumers have more expectations for brands in terms of environmental protection and social responsibility.

Consumers are more willing to support the products they like and value, and are willing to understand the stories behind the products-how the product was born, what are the ingredients of the product, etc. These concepts will also further stimulate consumers and promote their buying behavior .

In recent years, sustainable fashion has become one of the main development trends that cannot be ignored in the global apparel industry. As the world's second most polluting industry, major brands are eagerly looking forward to joining the camp of environmental protection, seeking development and transformation. A "green" storm is coming, and sustainable fashion is on the rise.

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